Who We Are

We have specialisation in commercialization consultancy, working closely with our clients to quickly and affordably market their products and services. We provide guidance and manage all commercialization-related matters, such as business strategy, product design and development, operation design, production design and setup, branding, marketing, technology adoption, business funding application, and business collaboration.

We also assist our clients in achieving their digital and technology transformation targets within the project’s timeline, with lesser than expected costs and resources. LoDoPage provides greater flexibility to entrepreneurs to focus on creating better products and services for their success.

Our Services


We have been successful in commercializing a wide range of products and services, from foods and beverages to fashion goods, cosmetics, agricultural products, gadgets, mobile apps, and NGO services. There will be more categories coming.

Business & Brand Strategy

Our clients include university spin-offs, NGOs and private entities that have benefited from our business and brand strategy consultation. They have achieved their targets in lesser than expected timelines, costs and resources.

Product Design & Development

Our team have fully equipped with science and technological know-how. Therefore, our team can help you conceptualize your idea and assist you in the functional and physical appearance of your products. With our great insight into market demand, we are also able to advise on the feature requirements of your products.

Operation Design & Setup

We designed and established multimillion-dollar operations from scratch, from designing the factory to constructing and furnishing it, and turning a million-dollar profit annually. This also includes creating a standard workflow, implementing appropriate technology, optimizing the workflow, drafting team requirements, designing administration workflow, etc.

Marketing & Content Creation

More than 200 videos, thousands of pieces of digital artwork, copywriting, and marketing materials have all been produced by our team. We have also organized successful virtual events, such as brand awareness campaigns and virtual conferences.

ECommerce, Website & Platform Development

What feature do you require for your website or eCommerce site? We have created calculators, classroom systems, social eCommerce, and many more for our clients. With us, you can obtain what you require, within your budget.

Digital & Technology Transformation

Numerous digital and technology products and services are available. Are you unsure of which pertinent and affordable products and services would function effectively in your workflow? We can help you in your business transformation.

Science & Technology Development

Our team holds PhD, MSc and BSc in science and technology. We have the full capability to create product prototypes in the field of biotechnology, agriculture, foods and beverages, herbal products, cosmetics, web platforms, deep tech, IoT, AI, etc.

Our Clients

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