When it comes to healthy food, why are partnerships so important? Well for starters, it’s not something that can be remedied by hospitals or the public health department independently. Collaboration and partnerships are crucial for existence of communities and public awareness. On top of that different expertise are needed to create, implement as well as evaluate the success of a food program. Hospitals play a crucial role as they can provide the staff to do so. And other organisations can help financially, and providing the media coverage. And finally, there are those organisations, and companies that provide the media coverage to promote the programmes to the public.

All around the world, healthy food access has been highlighted. This issue is critical not just because it is related to the prevention as well as treatment of diet related health conditions, but also because healthy food access allows the growth of communities, allowing local economies to thrive and create food systems which are sustainable. An entire community’s wellbeing can be taken care with healthy food options.